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5 Ways You Can Stay Healthy While Traveling For The Holidays

We're smack dab in the middle of the holidays which means your normal workout and nutrition routine is constantly being challenged. There's treats being left all over the office, parties scheduled when you'd normally hit the gym, and it's likely you're doing some traveling to visit family.

Traveling is probably the biggest obstacle when it comes to sticking to a sane diet and getting in your regularly scheduled workouts. Not only is it difficult to find healthy options in things like gas stations and airports but you're likely stressed or sleep deprived which essentially means your willpower was left at home.

We'd never ask you to be one of those people who carries around a cooler filled with home prepped food or demand that you wake up at 4am to fit your workout in before family activities begin. There's nothing wrong with those things, they're just pretty extreme and we know there are other, easier, options.

So here's some things you can do to prevent traveling from completely derailing your progress:

1. You can give yourself a break... just make sure to show back up.

Unless you're traveling for a month and plan on your trip being an absolute food festival, enjoying some traditional holiday foods and skipping the gym a couple times isn't really going to set you back. Now, don't get us wrong, this can be a slippery slope. Giving yourself a break requires you to have the tenacity to get back to it when it's time. Post-holiday is an especially good time to have something like a trainer and/or a fitness community to keep you accountable to showing back up.

2. You can make sure to stay extra hydrated.

Whether you're running from the check in counter to the terminal or from your Aunt Jane's to your friend Tom's party, it's easy to negate hydrating liquids and abuse the other kinds like caffeine and alcohol. Dehydration can lead to feelings of

fatigue which has us reaching for caffeine and anything else sugar loaded that can cause a short energy spike. Dehydration can also lead to feelings of hunger rather than thirst causing us to overeat when really our body is trying to tell us it just wants some water. Keep a water bottle on you and make sure you track how much you're really drinking while running around. Shoot for 1/2 your bodyweight in oz.

3. You can keep your workout short and intense or you can switch it up completely.

Just because your workout is always an hour+ at home, doesn't mean that's the only way you'll ever get a good workout. Increase the intensity of your workout by removing rest between sets or by adding a cardio component (throw burpees, mountain climbers or running into the mix). Give yourself 20-30 minutes to completely exhaust yourself and call it a day. We like to look at travel as an opportunity to also do activities we don't normally do. Maybe that's a yoga class with your cousin, hitting the slopes, or a pick up volleyball game with your friends. Just get active.

4. You can get remote coaching and programming.

We know from experience, when you do finally find yourself in the gym while on travel, it's common to feel out of place, directionless, or unmotivated and that does not help when trying to come back the next day. We work with people remotely, via an app on their phone, to help give them that direction when they need it. Whether it's being told exactly what to do, or just needing someone to hold you accountable to doing SOMETHING, we've got your back.

5. You can eat like a snob

Those cute reindeer Becky made out of Reese's Cups and Candy Canes? Not worth it. Your grandma's famous casserole that she only makes twice a year? Worth it. Eating like a snob is easy once you run the food item of choice through a filter like this:

Can I find this in every grocery store and/or gas station in America? Yes? Skip it.

Is this a special, home made, mind blowing dish my mom makes for a big family dinner topped with love and hugs that I think about all year long? Yes? Eat it.

There may not be a caloric difference between those two items, however, saying no to the Reece's reindeer is an exercise in flexing your willpower. It's made from items you can get in a grocery store at literally anytime. Although it's cute, it's not special and it doesn't pass the Snob Test. Saying yes to mom's family dish is legit what the holidays and even being human is all about. Joy, gathering and real food. Ditch the boring processed and packaged stuff. Only indulge in the truly special holiday foods and treats.

So, this holiday, try not to stress about your gainz. Employ any of these five tips and you're already ahead of the game. Tag @landform_fitness in your instagram or facebook posts and show us how you're staying healthy this season!

Don't forget to check out our New Year specials and set yourself up for success in 2020. Book a free class or consult to find out how we can take you to the next level.

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