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The Healthiest Fast Food You Probably Aren't Taking Advantage Of

You're busy. We get it. We are too.

That's why our refrigerator isn't always packed with perfectly prepped meals in cute containers ready to grab and go every day of the week.

Let's be honest. It USUALLY isn't and that's why we are forced to rely on food service establishments.

But when we have fitness and health goals, our options quickly become few and far between because, you already know, "fast food" is usually the opposite of "healthy food".

Luckily, we live in San Diego where plenty of restaurants and shops have popped up who do offer calorie, macro and waistline friendly options. Sometimes, however, we need food *fast* and do not have time to fight the crowds, make the drive, or wait the wait.

Our secret(s)?


Where do we even start.

Their salad bars are equipped with vegetables you probably never buy and or are too lazy to cut up appropriately. This makes for an interesting, not boring, eat every last bite, salad 110% of the time, everytime. They also always have rice handy so you can make it a higher carb meal aka the fuel for your evening workout.

Don't want a salad? They have hot bars that are regularly rotated with various delicious protein and carb options.

Have a sensitivity? They label everything and the common food allergy items the product contains.

Are you weighing and measuring your food? Countless times I have seen people bring their food scale in to perfectly weigh the macros they're adding to their container. If there is ever a place where this behavior is "normal" it's one of these two establishments.

They also regularly offer things like poke, sushi, pizza, soups, sandwiches, single serving drinks, fresh pressed juice, smoothies, and coffee. It really is the perfect one stop shop in the middle of your workday to refuel and feel GOOD about what you're eating.

So if/when you see us there, make sure you say "Heeeeeeyyy" and show us all the goods you're fueling yourself with.

And please don't judge when you see we're probably holding one to seven of Lazy Acres' giant chocolate chip cookies.

If you know, you know.

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