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Owner and Personal Trainer

Steven Land

If I could summarize my life passion, it would be to help people achieve health and wellness so that they can live the life that they dream of. Like many other young kids, I was quite active. I grew up as a competitive soccer player, often swam, played tennis, and even golfed.


However, unlike most young kids, I fell into alcohol abuse and drug addiction. For many years, I lived in that trap, leaving all my extracurriculars aside and struggling to find a way out. Now having over 8 years of recovery, I've managed to get back to all the things I loved as a kid. I decided to help others get back to a healthy and active life too, so that they could experience the feeling of having control and freedom to move about the world with fewer physical limits and more satisfaction.


The more I studied the body, the more fascinated I became with the type of body pain that folks often develop through normal, everyday tasks in life. Over the past 5 years, I have noticed that so many people are experiencing daily pain. I’ve taken it upon myself to analyze our modern lifestyle, and figure out how we’re causing the greatest harm to our bodies.


What I teach (and what you will learn) is a multi-function, effective movement and mobility system. You will understand how to move correctly in all situations. I will teach you a strength-and-conditioning method that can help you detect movement and positioning errors, improve your performance, and bring you to the top of your mobility game. My training  will help you dissolve the physical restrictions that prevent you from fully actualizing your potential. Working with me will help you develop the motor control and range of motion that will help you meet all of life’s physical demands.


Owner and Personal Trainer

Jose Avila

Jose’s passion for fitness began as a toddler during visits to the gym with his mother. Those early years inspired him to begin his own path towards fitness, which included becoming a football athlete all through high school. After gaining experience in the restaurant industry, Jose also learned the importance of treating people with kindness and respect, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of nutrition. Jose’s journey has shown him how to adjust workout routines and dieting strategies for specific goals. He understands that working out is a unique experience for each person, and that not all workouts fit all people. His passion to motivate others and his love of fitness is what drives Jose to go the extra mile as a trainer, and to create custom-tailored gym routine for his clients.


Personal Trainer

Melanie Nole

My name is Melanie Nolte and I help people
take MASSIVE ACTION in their life through a combination of Energy Healing, Personal Training and Coaching on nourishment, regeneration and behavior change.

My goal in this roll is to EMPOWER YOU. My focus is always to give practical solutions, based on both experience and education I’ve gained along the way. I believe feeding your body what it needs is the key to your success. By following my guides, I hope that you will learn to make the right choices for you everyday.

I believe the best way to improve health and wellness (without wasting time, energy and money and confidence in your own self-discipline) is to replace the reliance on willpower with a behavior plan and a kick-ass mindset. That means getting clear and setting specific goals. Let’s create your plan for success today!


Certified Yoga Instructor

David Miranda

Yoga and Dance have been a part of my life from a very young age. I've always loved the joy of movement and sharing that with others. I am RYT 200 Hr Certified, as well as a Hot Yoga and Sculpt Certified. I teach Vinyasa style yoga with a Yin finish, which is a flowing, posture-style yoga that is music driven. I like to focus on deep breath, alignment and strength building in my sessions.


In my classes, I like to build a little heat in the body, get a little sweat going, then finish with some deep, slow stretching, culminating into a peaceful savasana. I am friendly, upbeat, and offer a lot of hands-on adjustments.


Certified Personal Trainer

Ellen Healy

Out to improve health, performance, fitness and lives. My goal is to ensure that hard working individuals, families and teams have amazing careers and lifestyles that are not only productive and rewarding but free of chronic injury and it never at jeopardy due to lack of capability, fitness or health. I've dedicated myself to getting individuals, families and teams healthy, fit for duty, fit for life, and always performing and feeling their best. 

My coaching is aimed at not only helping you look and feel your best, but also working and functioning your best. Wether you're a stay at home parent, firefighter, desk jockey or service member, we'll strengthen and improve that machine you occupy everyday. Our bodies were built and CAPABLE. Capable of lifting, moving, hustling, carrying and more.Let's make you a force to be reckoned with.


Certified Personal Trainer

Scott McCandless

My name is Scott McCandless and I have always had a passion for staying physically fit and pushing myself beyond limits that I thought my body was not capable of handling. Playing high school sports sparked my need to be the best version of myself physically and mentally so I was able to perform at my highest levels. From high school sports I transitioned into a military lifestyle where I became a Naval Rescue swimmer and was a key component in three life-saving rescues in the upper Sierra Nevada Mountain range/Death Valley.

During my time in the military I was taught to continuously motivate everyone around me, while also gaining the passion to want to help others through any difficulties they encounter. I was pushed to continuously train for the specificity of
my job as a helicopter aircrewman, while also needing to maintain a very strict physical condition for any and all situations. This training schedule was continued throughout my time in the military because the only way to truly become better is practice and understanding! Correct physical and mental training has helped me
through difficult times, while also becoming a staple in many of my achievements.


In the upcoming years I will be continuing my education at the University of California San Diego in the field of Human Biology. Through becoming a personal trainer, I strive to motivate and help others train harder and smarter than they have
ever been able to before, while also giving each individual a knowledge base that can be taken from each session. Training inside the gym is the very beginning of a fitness journey that will change your life for the better. I hope to see you soon!

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