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Limited spots available. Take advantage of this promotion while it lasts.

Why Landform Fitness?

It’s time to break free from your past cycles of failed results and disappointing efforts. At Landform we'll help you finally reach your body goals - free of gimmicks and empty promises. 

We meet you at your current fitness level and help you progress through instruction and personal attention. Our goal is to teach you proper form to ensure you're working out the intended muscles so you can get stronger and reduce the risk for injury.

Our Benefits

Fully Equipped

24/7 Gym

Strength and cardio equipment available 24/7 so you can workout on your schedule.



Complement your training with nutritional guidance to get you closer to reaching your fitness goals.





Learn proper form and injury prevention through our progressive strength and conditioning class.

1-on-1 customizable fitness programs guided by our friendly certified personal trainers.

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Limited spots available. 6 month commitment required.

Tons of 5 star reviews!

"Best place to accomplish your fitness goals! Be it weight loss, getting a better squat or just wanting a group to be accountable to, Landform has it all. Their small group fitness classes are a nice mix of strength training, core work and personal attention."

- Shelley S.

"I had never felt compelled to do personal training before, but the programs at Landform are so well constructed and the trainers are so informed and genuine, I did personal training for an entire year. I have never been more confident in my form and never felt so welcomed and comfortable in a gym space."

- Steven T.

"I cannot say enough about Landform Fitness. I checked out this place looking for strength training classes in small groups. Trainers individually lead a class of no more than six, modeling and supporting you along the way with each set. This is a place where anyone and everyone can feel comfortable working out at their own level."

- Tammy F.

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